A Life That Was Lived

by Disturbance

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Debut album from diverse, NJ lyricist taking the listener through storytelling, conceptual and powerful tracks with a sound reminiscent of 90s hip hop.


released June 29, 2015

Track 1 produced by Leopold Maxwell, Track 2 produced by Bello, Track 3 produced by Bouletcie featuring vocals by Kiirstin Marilyn, Track 4 produced by Chris Limitless, Track 5 produced by Mr. Valentine, Track 6 produced by Mr. Troy, Track 7 produced by Bug, Track 8 produced by Somebloke.

Mastered at 816 Studios. Artwork by Joshua Gilman.



all rights reserved


Disturbance New Jersey

Disturbance is an mc out of New Jersey, raised on the old school sound of 90s hip hop. He has performed throughout the tri-state area and produces a diverse catalogue of hip hop with producers and vocalists blending sounds from various genres.

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Track Name: Stand Up
"I am very sorry..."

That yall rappers thought yall could test the dude.
Turning to the crowd, hoping someone can rescue you.
I got skills and shit, I be ill with this,
For real bitch, putting hands where the ceiling is.
Stand up, admit it, at least once.
Chicks reaching for bare wood like a tree trunk.
Most emcees suck, hmmm, it's evident.
But then why are they hauling in the dead presidents?
It's time to change it, a rhyme and the basics
A new foundation out the booth in the basement.
Bring the truth in a facelift, changing the game, bitch.
Yall better learn what the name is.
Disturbance, born and bred.
Already got knowledge, I need more than head.
I can't eat gluten, don't rap for the bread.
Rocking the stage til I'm in the morgue and dead.

Now I'm asking, who be the first?
Wanna step up with your crew and get served?
I'm true to my words, the proof's in the verse.
Just a buck forty but I'm still moving the Earth.
Due since my birth to bring light to the world.
And if not, I'll settle for exciting your girl.
Give me a mic and a whirl, I'm bound to go off,
With yall talking about me for years like the show Lost.
Head of the class, doing this with no boss.
Female docs feeling the nuts saying, don't cough.
I won't floss, I'd rather spit the rawness
And let my pen loose without a harness.
I'm on this, nicest since Ghandi.
More people putting in work for me than Mitt Romney.
Kratos on the mic, the spit's godly.
Kaiser Sose killing emcees and I'm gone, b.
Track Name: One Chance
We only got one chance to really live our lives.
Let go of everything, bring out the kid inside.
Getting by is hard enough but there's more than this.
I don't want to just survive, I want all of it.
I want to feel the moment, I want to live with passion.
Whether it's with family or spitting rapping.
I feel the rhythm cracking through my fingertips.
I've felt it ever since I first mingled with
The microphone, the instruments, the sounds of life.
It hit me hard, I knew I'd never put down the mic.
I felt I now could fight no matter what the obstacles.
You let yourself go and everything becomes possible.

We only got one chance you gotta take it, man.
You gonna sit back, let destiny make your plans?
Gotta escape it, fam, break down the Matrix and
Find a place to stand, spread your wings and take a chance.
This is one life, one time on the planet, right?
That means there's one chance to stand up and grab the mic.
One opportunity for all of us to chase our dreams.
Don't waste it, see, stand up and take control.
Awake your soul, these are your streets, you've paid the toll.
That's your blood, sweat, and tears that stained the coals.
Those are your arms, legs, and bodies that paved the roads.
You've earned the moment, now stand up and make it yours.
Take the floor, do your thing, it's time to live.
Don't let life pass you by, you gotta climb through this.
No disguises, it's time to open eyes and lift
Up towards the sky and give everything that lies within.
Track Name: The Storyteller
I woke up, couldn't even recognize the Earth.
Must have been taken back in time to the planet's birth.
I saw The Message in the air, my hands moved.
Always wanted to change the world, now I had the chance to.
Found myself with Abel and Long Live the Kane.
Taught the brothers tolerance, life is not just a game.
Gotta respect each other to be respected.
Kane, you give out that Critical Beatdown, you'll regret it.
I made my exit, next spot, the Aztecs and Mayans.
Saw children crying with the human sacrificing.
Reminded them, you live Criminal Minded with a life of sin
You'll be blinded from the light that shines within.
After supplying them with my advice, I moved on.
Provided warmth through the Ice Age to the strong.
Bounced to the Road to the Riches, I was on my way.
Straight Outta Compton to where Rome's horns would play.
Stopped the bleeding in the Coliseum
Life's hard enough, don't need human beings Raising Hell and demons.
Selling peeps into slavery, I gave to these
People instructions on everything from A to Z.
Moses Ten Commandments, follow that, it's true.
Do unto others as you would have them do to you.
Maneuver through the obstacles that slow our paths
Cause It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back.
Don't sell your soul for cash, it aint worth it
When it just leaves you Paid in Full as another's servant.
Earth is a place where we can have freedom.
Chill out and listen to the Radio waves this evening.

This world's crazy, so much pain and suffering.
I wish that I could change it all, switch everything.
Go back in time so I could right all the wrongs.
Create a brighter future, a new life for us all.

I made my way through the rest of time.
Reducing Stress in minds. Saving those who were Ready to Die.
Stopped genocide, no Holocaust, Khmer Rouge.
No Death Certificate for the starving, I shared food.
All this intolerance, the Crusades? abolished it
And gave a real Moment of Truth to the populace.
Strolled the seven continents with the explorers
And showed them Things Fall Apart when you create borders.
Reversed the orders for Hiroshima's deployment.
Breaking Atoms should help mankind, not destroy it.
Took out my Liquid Swords and imparted knowledge.
Preparing students not for war but the start of college.
No need to spark The Chronic or even grab a brew.
The Sun Rises in the East on every avenue.
Took down the Berlin Wall, we all travel through
This life, let's unite so none of us have to lose!
I sat back and observed All Eyez on Me.
I had taught people how to live in society.
Treat each other with respect and love alike.
I left no Reasonable Doubt as to what was right.
Filled the cup of life for all human beings.
Teaching everything from my Low End Theory to breathing.
A future where we'd all be equals living.
Everything scripted exactly as It Was Written.

This world's crazy, so much pain and suffering.
I wish that I could change it all, switch everything.
Go back in time so I could right all the wrongs.
Create a brighter future, a new life for us all.

I jumped forward to the future anticipating
The Best Part of humanity to be awaiting.
What I saw shocked me, it could not be!
Everyone acting the same, each person a carbon copy.
There was no sadness but no inspiration.
No Horror but nobody compelled to be creating.
My Train of Thought blinded where I was seeing from.
The struggles we go through create who we become.
You need the College Dropout, the people who get sicker.
The richer throwing away extra Food and Liquor.
I knew the picture I wanted but not how to paint it.
We're not Born Like This, through our lives we gain it.
A Book of Human Language is learned, not written.
If we're gonna be Finding Forever, it's through living.
For once I had listened and found the Truth is Here.
A better future doesn't need a new slate to appear.
Each one of us has the choice to lend a hand.
Help a person in need, pass on an expensive brand.
Plenty of people are always out there helpin.
We can each build on what exists Below the Heavens.
The Future is Now, the present's lined up.
I took a Sonogram of Earth and saw its rebirth inside us.
It isn't just that, the same is true for hip hop.
Through the years, albums change and some of the music stops.
But there are always artists creating, dropping gems.
Lots of them, so we can build with hip hop again.
With this knowledge, I'll keep writing in this
And spread the word through my album, A Life That Was Lived.
Track Name: Summer Days
Sitting on the porch, chilling all night.
Ladies in the summer gear, yeah, this day's alright.
Breeze passing by, nobody asking why
I'm not at work, just sitting here, relaxing, right?
Basking like, the sun in the sky.
Yo, I'm coming to rhyme, I've got nothing but time.
Man, I love it and I'm, burying myself in it.
Aint stressing bout anything else this minute.
Sittin, sippin on some Bacardi and Sprite.
Living large, gonna party tonight.
Yo, I start with the mic, kick a few verses
And see the chicks raise their hands for Disturbance.
It's alright, you'll be needing them later
You can lower them for now and just breathe in the flavor.
I aint seeing the haters, this night's just right.
Feeling like I be living that plush life.
Smoke the kush like the throwback days.
Go old school and hit the blunt til it don't blaze.
Fingertips still immune to the burn,
Conditioned from years, overdue to return.
Inhale the aroma in, exhale the moment and
Watch the crowd circle as I flow again.
Knowing then, that this is my good day.
Pour a drink for Cube as the neighborhood plays.
Sun still shining as the night settles in.
Having fun rhyming, high off life's medicine.
Get in a game of basketball, fuck a triple double,
I'm simply outclassing all.
Got the high school crossover back,
Showing cats the hesitation move and then blowing past.
Throw the cash on the table, get my poker on.
Bluffing half the time, chips still flowing on.
Leave the table doubled up, it aint nothin, what
Walk around like one smooth ass muthafuck.
Play some beer pong, draining cup after cup
And pull the flyest honey who I'm gonna crush.
I'm out for the night, say peace to my heads.
Good times for all, no-one leaves with regrets.
This evening was blessed, all I could say
Is god-damn man, today was a good day.
Track Name: It's the Music
I was born into this, didn't have a choice.
Six months old nodding my head before I had a voice.
Felt the music flowing through my body's cells.
Gotta break out, fire inside me was hot as hell.
By the age of twelve, I got my first mic.
Hands embraced it, it showed me the world's light.
I held it tight, I felt alive, I know
This is how I'm meant to survive the show.
I started rhyming, chilling by my boombox
Notepad in hand, practicing with my room locked.
The fire got too hot for me to stay still.
Began rapping at parties, displayed skills.
Moved on to cyphers, then open mics.
Started spitting, rhythm surged through my vocal pipes.
This I know is life, it's all I'll ever need.
Sounds in the air, it's music that we bleed.

It's the music, throw your hands up.
It's the music, shit that makes you stand up.
It's the music, inside of every one of us.
It's the music, the reason why we fell in love.
It's the music, it's what we feel inside
It's the music, what makes us feel alive.
It's the music, the fire that burns forever
It's the music, what brings us all together.

I can't imagine a life without music.
Strings playing, singers creating new shit.
Drums and beats and head-nodding melodies.
The smoothness of the sax, the sharpness of the keys.
Life's a struggle, each day is its own test.
Leave home to step into a world that's a cold nest.
I've grown stressed, drank brews and blown sess
But music's the only high that keeps us going, yes!
Invigorating, open your eyes now.
Days pass by but music slows time down.
Takes us out the grind, how else could we survive?
We need air to breathe, music to be alive!
To see the sky, to rise up out the game.
Let emotions take over, shut down the brain.
Something we can't contain, the passion,
The rush, the hope, my one love that's everlasting.

It's the music, throw your hands up.
It's the music, shit that makes you stand up.
It's the music, inside of every one of us.
It's the music, the reason why we fell in love.
It's the music, it's what we feel inside
It's the music, what makes us feel alive.
It's the music, the fire that burns forever
It's the music, what brings us all together.

I love music from hip hop to funk.
Rare grooves to classic rock out the trunk.
The old school legends, the new school artists
Making real music and not just some garbage.
Music from the heart is what inspires me.
Reminding me I can realize what my desires be.
Walk on higher streets through society
And raise up, wake up, this music's alive in me!
It's alive in all of us, since we first start crawling up
Til when our time is almost up.
We live for it, die for it, never compromise for it
Push it to new heights and climb towards it.
This is for heads who play songs over and over
Just vibing or losing your composure.
Throw your hands up, breathe the music in.
Life's on the drums, it's time to begin.

It's the music, throw your hands up.
It's the music, shit that makes you stand up.
It's the music, inside of every one of us.
It's the music, the reason why we fell in love.
It's the music, it's what we feel inside
It's the music, what makes us feel alive.
It's the music, the fire that burns forever
It's the music, what brings us all together.
Track Name: Punch-Out
It's my turn to go set it.
Market fizzled out, bout time to resurrect it.
Sick with the method, blessed with the next shit.
Chemists thinking a new element's been detected.
Explosive shit, known to flip, man yall know the kid.
Penning poems is the only way I know to live.
Cats wanna test the flows I'm creating?
Then I'll paint the globe red like Facebook notifications.
Hold the debating, I'm better than most ever were.
Chilling with Emily Ratajkowski, getting blurred.
Once I stepped on Earth, I sensed rap waiting.
Knew I was Bourne for the role like Matt Damon.
Cats hating while I'm on stage rocking shows.
Killing it sober or high off the ganja smoke.
I spit for everyone who enjoys me dropping flows
And push aside black and white numbers like dominoes.
If the game's got a throne, it's not for Rob Stark.
Or Wizard of Oz rappers who aint got heart.
I drop darts, precise with the aim bitch.
Old school, loading my game before the 8 bit.
It aint nothing new, I've always been blessed
But I've finally come into my own like incest.
Fuck this stress this world can give ya.
I drink in the bullshit and detox my liver.
Filled with the fire to burn, it's Ash Wednesday?
I cross cats out and retire their urns.
Who cares if yall be trying to learn?
You're still getting schooled on what rhyming returns.
I stay murking another, and another after that.
Blasting cats til yall ask where the mass is at.
I'm pass the past, in sync with the future, bitch.
Hard shit, my scripts and what my producer flips.
Yall confused in this? let me settle it.
Like the minus world, most can't reach where my level is.
Pedal to the metal shit, only way I know.
Tearing up the backyard or the radio.
Don't be concerned about the NSA and those,
It's me you don't want listening and then creating flows.
Aint about making dough, I'm 'bout the impact.
Already poured kerosene, pull the pin back.
Track Name: Reflection
I met this cat about two years ago.
Hoodied down, he stood around, blazing a j of dro.
Played the down low, cat from Jersey, heard he knew the fam
Repped the crew with Sam, made moves with Dan.
Seemed like a cool head, he didn't front, stayed back
Breaking up eighths that made cats go and split the blunts.
We'd sit in front of his apartment and reflect on life.
Both aspiring rappers trying to bless the mic.
But the tests in life had lead us down different paths.
I was fine just spitting raps, he had to get the scratch.
Began hustling big time, gettin cake for trees
Quit his job once he really started making g's.
With paper he was buyin shit, poured his wealth
Into a stereo system I'd always wanted for myself.
Thought he was runnin shit, stayed flossin.
Trying to be above the city's giants like Tom Coughlin.
Got caught up in this life, for friends he had no time.
Used to chill with cats, play ball and spit dope rhymes.
Now coke lines were on his table and lyrics.
Asked him about his past, said I didn't wanna hear it.
Told me I would only deny shit, I asked what
He said I closed my eyelids to what his past was.
I told him heads been sayin that they miss you
You used to be a cat peeps talked to about their issues.
Now you a big dude, can't even chill with ya boys.
He told me to check myself and kill all that noise.


A year had gone by, this cat now did his own shit
I barely saw him, sometimes I caught him alone with
A little time, we'd go and spit a rhyme or somethin
But to most of us he turned his back while frontin.
Nothin took his mind off the path he was settin
At last, ah forget him, do the math, he was steppin
In a bloodbath from weapons his life had created.
All ties he had made he ripped right from the basis.
He carried heat now, trouble on the streets found
Him even giving orders to have his mans beat down.
He clowned, pretending the drug biz went smoothly
Dealing with more white lines than Star Trek movies.
His actions proved he was no longer the same cat.
He would even disrespect my pops when he came back
To the hometown, alone now in his quest for success.
I wished him the best, gave up on him like the rest.
He passed a few tests, layed low for a second
But realized you can't live with a halo for a weapon.
Reflectin back, he got lost in his own resemblance
I had opened the door, never saw him in the entrance.


Back to the present, he ignored advice man to man
To watch what skins you get like Mike Shanahan.
His boy's chick he should have avoided but it was not to be.
He wanted pussy and this cat killed his curiosity.
He fucked her, and no apology could change it.
He kept quiet and told her to do the same shit.
But word got out, something I had just heard about.
He had got his own boy wantin to commit murder now.
I went to his crib, asked what the fuck he's doin.
You know you just put your life up in ruins?
Said he loved pursuin this but it wasn't worth it.
He'd take back everything even if it wasn't perfect.
I heard this, told him that's what I'd been sayin.
He looked at me dismayed and said for me to quit playin.
Told me I never knew him apart from society.
Looked me in my eyes and said, "You're gonna die with me."
At that second, the cat whose girl he fucked, stepped in
Holdin up his weapon but I was in its direction.
I checked him, said I'm not the one to aim at.
He pulled the trigger on the gun, the bang cracked
(gun shot sound) I felt the bullet hit me.
It happened too quickly, I was confused, feelin dizzy.
Looked over at this cat who deserved the beating.
Only one shot went off but both of us were bleeding.
I fell down, two of us leaving, both from me.
I had lived two lives from my parent's one seed.
Looked up at my mans whose shot had stole my health
As I laid dying without ever having known myself.
Track Name: Footprints
I try to find my way through this game today.
But I came away in the same old state.
Feeling like I've been paved in place, I try to escape.
Try to make my way through the next gate.
But the maze remains, and the challenge is the same.
And the fire in me can't stop me
From battling the flames and I happen to remain
In the same spot I been at since impact had me on this train.
Birthed with the gift and the curse
It feels like I sit in reverse.
I was given this Earth and a mind to be scriptin a verse
But the same mind pulls me into the hearse.
Why is that? I don't need it,
I feel like I've been through the worse and still beat it.
I'm still bleeding but I've survived the days.
I'm alive, it's time to arise awake.

I can make it, I know, I can take it, this flow,
Next level, I can break it, fa sho,
I can do it. I can make my way on through it.
Let myself go and get lost in the music.
I can make it, I know, I can take it, this flow,
Next level, I can break it, fa sho,
I can do it. I can make my way on through it.
Let myself go and get lost in the music.

Is that it? the light at the end of the tunnel?
It might be the end of my struggles.
I've had to fight and defend it with hustle
Would be nice to just ascend through the funnel.
And find myself chilling up at the top.
Too often the coffin's been my building blocks.
Trapped where the ceiling drops, feeling locked
Inside a ride with wheels that never stop.
Just the same cycles, same repetitions.
Same clock I punch in out of every rhythm.
Next position just the same as the last,
See I've taken the path from the stains on the grass.
But my aim is to pass on through and just be.
Put my stamp on my moves and see what's me.
I might find myself if I give it a chance.
Time to open up, rip up the plans.

I can make it, I know, I can take it, this flow,
Next level, I can break it, fa sho,
I can do it. I can make my way on through it.
Let myself go and get lost in the music.
I can make it, I know, I can take it, this flow,
Next level, I can break it, fa sho,
I can do it. I can make my way on through it.
Let myself go and get lost in the music.

Man, it's time for me to just be.
It's time for me to just breathe,
For me to just see what life can be all about.
Throw aside distractions, live in the now.
Swim through the clouds, take a chance in the game.
Bask in the sunshine, dance in the rain.
Advance through the pain cause there's more than this.
So much more to writing what the story is.
Primed for the future heading towards it with
An open mind, flows and rhymes, all engorged in it.
Gorgeousness like I always envisioned.
From my first breath awake on this prism.
Made for this mission to create compositions
And blend them with the bass and the rhythm.
I'm in my time and space in this existence
Feeling at home, I'm staying within this.